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Julie Anne, formerly a first grade teacher, always had a passion for travel. She would glance out the classroom window wishing she could turn her passion for travel into a career. Travel was important to her family, therefore, she gained knowledge of travel firsthand by traveling and experiencing luxury travel worldwide.

Julie Anne’s travel experience made her educated in the art of luxury travel. Her experience of being a luxury travel client comes in handy when helping clients make their travel arrangements. Julie Anne cares about each vacation she plans as if it was her own.

Julie Anne has the commitment to provide extremely high-quality and personalized service that will assist in coordinating every detail of clients travel plans

Henry Shotmeyer

Henry brought his management skills as CEO and President of HMS Global and applied them to the travel industry co-founding Jet Set Getaways with his fiance, Julie Anne.

On one of Henry’s first dates with Julie Anne, she told him about her love for travel and her dream vacation would be to travel up the coast of California. During that first year of dating, for Julie Anne’s birthday, Henry told her he would like to make all of her dreams in life come true starting with a birthday gift of a custom itinerary from Santa Monica to Napa, all details planned by himself. As their relationship grew, Henry invested his time into supporting Julie Anne’s career as The Jet Set Gal by managing the financial aspect of the business, attending industry events, establishing relationships with hoteliers and networking to bring clients into Jet Set Getaway’s portfolio.