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Custom Travel planning is highly detailed and requires the following steps to ensure the most tailored travel experience.

DISCOVER: This is a time to get to learn more about the potential client and find out if they qualify to work with Jet Set Getaways. Jet Set Getaways feels strongly about not taking on each client just to make money. Instead, Jet Set Getaways feels it is important to work with clients that can build a relationship with and with customers whom values travel knowledge and expertise.

COLLABORATE: This phase is used to learn about the client’s hopes and dreams, find out where the client has been and where they desire to go.

DESIGN: During this step, Jet Set Getaways will put together quotes and itineraries to review with the client.

RESERVE: After reviewing quotes and itineraries with the client, Jet Set Getaways will reserve the option that best appeals to the client.

CONNECT: Once the booking is made, Jet Set Getaways connects with hoteliers and suppliers to alert them of the clients booking and make sure their experience is memorable.

EXPERIENCE: Clients are on the vacation in the care of Jet Set Getaways contacts. If something arises during the vacation not to the client’s satisfaction, Jet Set Getaways stresses the importance of contacting them to rectify the situation during the client’s vacation. Jet Set Getaways would rather know about an unsatisfactory situation as it is occurring rather than when a client returns home.

SHARE: Jet Set Getaways likes to follow-up with clients and find out about their vacation experience.